ChinaConnectU offers more than 1,000 China-related articles, with new articles added every month. The core of the articles comes from the award-winning Berkshire Encyclopedia of China, described by Library Journal as a “sumptuous resource on all things China for the 21st century.” Other sources include Berkshire’s China Gold, and Education in China.


In the ChinaConnectU resource centers you will find materials (lesson plans, audio/visual materials, articles, links, etc.) gathered around specific themes and topics. There are also links and recommendations to outside resources. Resource centers include: Activity Center, Chinese Food Center, Chinese Sports Center, China News Feed, Chinese Festivals and Holidays, Media Library (audio, images, and videos).


Here at ChinaConnectU we’re committed to finding better ways to learn Chinese and to identifying the systems, methods, and resources that will work best for different student. Besides reviews of links, resources, and study methods, we offer thematic and alphabetical vocabulary lists, and an extended library of chengyu (proverbs).


At ChinaConnectU we feel strongly about supporting those who teach, and we are eager to learn more about the needs of teachers. Here you will find ready-to-use lesson plans, teaching materials, method reviews and recommendations, and links to online (and real-life) teacher resources/centers.



ChinaConnectU and Berkshire Publishing Group now offer seminars and trainings on a wide range of topics. We bring you practical information about teaching and learning Chinese, traveling to China, doing business in China, finding Chinese resources for your library and classroom, and more.