Taiwan Isn’t Thailand (台湾不是泰国)

By Two Chinese Characters

Some questions to consider:

1. Why do you think people confuse Thailand with Taiwan?

2.If you were from Thailand or Taiwan, would you be offended if someone confused them? Why or why not?


Character Pinyin English
台湾/台灣 Táiwān Taiwan (PN)
泰国 Tàiguó Thailand (PN)
dǎo island (N)
海岸 hǎi’àn coast, coastline (N)
泰语 Tàiyǔ Thai (language) (N)
中文 Zhōngwén Chinese (language) (N)
汉字 hànzì character (N)
字母表 zìmǔbiǎo alphabet (N)
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