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Video & Vocabulary: Another Pair of Chopsticks

Video & Vocabulary: Another Pair of Chopsticks

As one person commented, it would be great if disputing nations would sit down and join in a feast together, especially around a bowl of steaming jiaozi! ChinaConnectU’s version of a Chinese PSA announcement highlighting the importance of chopsticks and food in Chinese culture can be found here: It comes from China’s CCTV and is a minute and a […]

Beijing Ditan Temple Fair (Chinese New Year)

Beijing Ditan Temple Fair (Chinese New Year)

Ditan Park Entrance. The south gate of Ditan park in Beijing is decorated and flanked by guards for the Chinese new year temple fair.   The Central Road. The temple fairs in China have no capacity limits or ordnance, so the centers can end up being wall-to-wall people, without any particular rules about right-of-way.   Child with Drums. Large drums […]

Historical Footage of Sports in China

This video from the US National Archives, shows historical footage of Chinese practicing different types of sports; traditional martial arts, archery, basketball, diving, swimming, and ice skating. The video was shot in 1937, during a tumultuous time in Chinese history when the Chinese Nationalists and Communists were joining forces against the Japanese (in the so-called War Against Japanese Resistance, or […]

Sunday Morning at the Temple of Heaven

Join us on a leisurely stroll through the Temple of Heaven park in Beijing. It may be Sunday morning, but the park is bustling with activity!

Spring Festival Fireworks in Beijing

Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival (chūnjié 春节) as the Chinese call it, is one of the biggest holidays of the year in China. And perhaps the most important feature of the celebration are the fireworks!

Numbers, Dates, and Times

Learning Chinese is as easy as 1, 2, 3! This lesson plan covers the basics of numbers in Chinese, including counting, easy math, dates and times. If you know the numbers one through ten in Chinese, you can basically count to 99 in no time!

How to Pronounce Beijing (怎样说“北京”两个字)

The Two Chinese Characters explain how to properly pronounce Beijing. The 2008 Olympics were held in China, and Beijing became the focal point of international attention. This fun video will help you to pronounce Beijing like a local!

The Chinese National Anthem

The Chinese national anthem is called “March of the Volunteers.” It was written in the mid 1930s, with lyrics by the poet and playwright Tian Han, and music by Nie Er. The song featured in the popular 1935 movie “Children of Troubled Times” and has been the official anthem of the PRC since its founding in 1949.

An interview with world historian William H. McNeill (1917-2016)

An interview with world historian William H. McNeill (1917-2016)

William H. McNeill talks about the study of history and how he came to write his famous, bestselling book “The Rise of the West: A History of the Human Community.”

Taiwan Isn’t Thailand (台湾不是泰国)

No, Taiwan isn’t Thailand. You know that, I know that, but apparently not everybody knows that. The Two Chinese Characters have made this funny and educational video explaining the differences between the two places.