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Will China Change the Olympics?

China has dreamed of hosting the Olympics for a century, but what will the Beijing Games mean for this Western cultural institution?

Bringing the World to Beijing

A well-known global PR firm and China’s Olympic Committee search for the right way to present China to the world.

Beijing’s Plan for Olympic Victory

China is determined to be the top recipient of gold medals at the Beijing Olympics.

Middle Kingdom: Q&A with Wu Ping

What province do China’s best athletes come from? In China, almost every province has its own top sports. For example, there are many first-class badminton players in Hunan Province, and Hebei Province is famous for shooting. However, among all the provinces Liaoning Province has contributed most to the miraculous performance of Chinese elite athletes in the Olympic arena. Among the […]

Chinese Sports Medicine

QIAN Jinhua, the general-secretary of the Chinese Association of Sports Medicine, provides some insight into the practice of sports medicine in China. Does the practice of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) affect the physical conditioning and treatment of athletes in China? Athlete selection, bodily function evaluation, training, and preventing and controlling injury and sickness are all important components of the Chinese […]

Virtual China: Beijing Olympics in Cyberspace

Lyn Jeffery How will the grand cross-cultural encounter that is the 2008 Beijing Olympics affect the cyber realm? Although journalists are wondering how China’s press regulations will affect their ability to report, the fact is that official reports will be only a part of the story, appearing amidst an explosion of firsthand writings and video clips made by tourists and […]

Wushu, Taijiquan, and Qigong

David Levinson There are thousands of different styles of Chinese martial arts and related physical activities that have developed and changed over a period of some 5,000 years. General categories include external (focused on other people), internal (focused on personal development), North China, South China, Shaolin, Buddhist, and Daoist. For most Chinese, the focus of martial-arts practice is mainly internal, […]

An Interview with Jasna Reed

Jasna Reed is one of the top female table tennis players in North America. In 1988 and 1992 she played for the Yugoslavian Olympic team, in 1988 winning a bronze medal in women’s doubles. In 2000 and 2004 she played for the U.S. Olympic Team, and she hopes to compete in Beijing in 2008. She’s a citizen of both the […]

China’s Olympic Dream (Zhōngguó Àoyùnmèng 中国奥运梦)|中国奥运梦 Zhōngguó Àoyùnmèng (China’s Olympic Dream )

FAN Hong In August 1908, the fourth modern Olympic Games took place in London, and it was there — in the city that will host the 2012 Games — that the first steps were taken to set China on the path to Olympic glory. Even though China was not yet a member of the International Olympic Committee and Chinese athletes […]

Green Olympics, Green World (Lǜ Àoyùn lǜ shìjiè 绿奥运绿世界)|绿奥运绿世界 Lǜ Àoyùn lǜ shìjiè (Green Olympics, Green World)

Jörn-Carsten GOTTWALD China faces serious pollution problems, but its position as host of the 2008 Olympics has provided a strong impetus for ecological reform while simultaneously creating opportunities for critics who say that the country is not doing enough, or doing it fast enough. One of the major obstacles to China’s winning the competition to host the 2008 Olympic Games […]