Welcome to ChinaConnectU, where you can access individual full-color articles from the landmark Berkshire Encyclopedia of China |中华百科全书, a treasure house of  “all things China for the 21st century,” as Library Journal wrote when selecting it as a Best Reference.

The 800 or so articles were written by some of the world’s leading China experts, with bibliographies for further reading as well as numerous maps, sidebars, photos, and illustrations.

But that’s not all: ChinaConnectU includes classroom materials, essays, and recipes.

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In addition, Berkshire’s “China Ready” Collection is available for library and school use at eBooks.com.

The set includes these eight titles, a print value of over $1,500:

  • Becoming a Dragon: Forty Chinese Proverbs for Lifelong Learning and Classroom Study
  • Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography
  • Education in China: Educational History, Models, and Initiatives
  • Eminent Chinese of the Qing Period
  • Internet in China: Cultural, Political, and Social Dimensions
  • Recipes from the Garden of Contentment: Yuan Mei’s Manual of Gastronomy
  • The Way of Eating: Yuan Mei’s Manual of Gastronomy
  • World History Teaching in Asia: A Comparative Survey