Chinese bronze ding, Western Zhou, (1045–771 BCE). PHOTO BY JOAN LEBOLD COHEN.

Thousands of one-of-a-kind ritual bronzes have been excavated in China, all artifacts of the Shang dynasty (1766–1045 BCE). The sophisticated construction and often stylized designs indicate that the Shang used an advanced technology to create some of the greatest treasures of the Bronze Age in China.

The alloy of copper (usually around 80 to 85 percent), tin, and lead

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By |2014-12-16T16:54:24-05:00January 23rd, 2012|Berkshire Encyclopedia of China, History, Arts, and Culture, Sculpture and artisanry|Comments Off on Bronzes of the Shang Dynasty (Shāngcháo de qīngtóng yìshù 商朝的青铜艺术)|Shāngcháo de qīngtóng yìshù 商朝的青铜艺术 (Bronzes of the Shang Dynasty)

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