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The oldest printed map in any culture, a map of West China (Di Li chin Tou) in the Liu Qing Tou (Illustrations of Objects mentioned in the Six Classics), an encyclopedia circa 1155 BCE. Province names are written in white on black, and the line of the Great Wall is clearly visible along the top half of the map.

For millennia China has influenced and been influenced by the world—scientifically, agriculturally, politically, culturally, and economically—and

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By |2014-12-16T16:53:59-05:00January 23rd, 2012|Berkshire Encyclopedia of China, Governance, International Relations|Comments Off on China in World History (Shìjiè lìshǐ zhōng de Zhōngguó 世界历史中的中国)|Shìjiè lìshǐ zhōng de Zhōngguó 世界历史中的中国 (China in World History)

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