A performance of Queen of the Jade Brothel. In this scene the unfairly accused concubine appeals her case to provincial court, in front of the magistrate and two judges. One of the judges is dressed in black and has a beard. PHOTO BY JOAN LEBOLD COHEN.

Although China is one of the world’s oldest civilizations, its criminal justice system has fallen behind that of other nations. The complicated system is plagued

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By |2014-12-16T16:53:54-05:00January 23rd, 2012|Berkshire Encyclopedia of China, Governance, Law|Comments Off on Criminal Justice System (Xíngshì sīfǎ xìtǒng 刑事司法系统)|Xíngshì sīfǎ xìtǒng 刑事司法系统 (Criminal Justice System)

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