Yit-Seng YOW

While it is now common for Chinese to adopt a Western name, the act of naming in China is considered both a challenge and an art. A given name often reflects the hopes and aspirations parents have for their child, and because the given names are so personalized, one’s identity and personality is often deduced simply from their name.

Choosing a name for a newborn is an important decision for all parents,

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By |2014-12-16T16:54:11-05:00January 23rd, 2012|Berkshire Encyclopedia of China, Customs, Society and Social Welfare|Comments Off on Naming System (Zhōngguórén xìngmíng xìtǒng 中国人姓名系统)|Zhōngguórén xìngmíng xìtǒng 中国人姓名系统 (Naming System)

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