LUO Shiming 罗时铭 and CAO Shouhe 曹守和

The National Games of the People’s Republic of China have been regarded as mini-Olympic Games in China. Take the recent National Games, which took place in 2005, as an example. It had almost ten thousand elite athletes competing in 357 events in thirty-two sports, most of which are Olympic events, following the rules and regulations used in the Olympics. In addition, all the Olympic rituals were practiced at the games: the torch relay, lighting of the flame, logo, mascot, athlete’s oath, playing of the games and national anthems, raising of the games and the national flags, and opening and closing ceremonies. The National Games, the largest and highest level comprehensive sports event in China, have prepared Chinese athletes for international competitions and have played an important role in China’s achievements in international sports. Between the PRC’s First National Games in 1959 and the Tenth National Games in 2005, Chinese athletes have won 1,899 world titles (world cups, world championships) and Olympic medals. The National Games, like the Olympics, demonstrate China’s determination to forge boldly ahead, economically and politically, in the twenty-first century.

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