I like to believe I’m a pretty easygoing person. Granted I overthink every single little thing I do (or not do), but in general I don’t get angry, or insulted, or upset quickly. But there are exceptions. My patience and goodwill only go so far. And reading the sentences below, from the preface to Instant Chinese: How to Express 1,000 different ideas with just 100 key words and phrases, did it for me:

This book uses English phonetics to represent the syllables making up Mandarin Chinese, making it possible for total newcomers to the language to communicate quickly and easily on a basic level without any previous introduction to the language.

Ok, so far so good; if you don’t want to introduce Pinyin and its basic pronunciation rules, fine by me, use this weird English phonetics system (because everybody obviously knows how to pronounce that?!). But hold on to you chairs, now the true horror begins…

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