I have a problem. I am started to become addicted to learning new languages, without “finishing” the previous one! Cause of all evil: an advertisement on Skype for the Pimsleur method of language learning. If you haven’t seen their advertisement video, check it out here, it is quite fun. And as the video went on, I switched between outrage (see my previous Monday morning rant…) and curiosity. The Pimsleur method promises that you can learn any language, in 10 days, with only 30 minutes a day. No grammar, no vocabulary, just listening to your i-pod, and voila! Well, they do modify the “voila” a little bit, saying that you might not be fluent, but you will be able to talk with, and like a native. (I found that particularly interesting, they promise you won’t have any accent!). After studying Chinese for over 7 years, continuously trying to improve my English, and having the feeling that I am gradually loosing my native language (Dutch), I am very suspicious of any program that promises me “easy” language acquisition. But how can you resist $9.95 for fluency in a completely foreign language? Call me cheap, but I just had to order one.

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