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Character Pinyin English
艺术 yìshù art (N)
艺术家 yìshùjiā artist (N)
huà to paint, draw (V)
雕刻品 diāokèpǐn sculpture (N)
创意 chuàngyì to create (VO); creativity (N)
艺术工业 yìshù gōngyè art industry (N)
jade (N)
书法 shūfǎ calligraphy (N)
数字艺术 shùzì yìshù digital art (N)
展览 zhǎnlǎn to display, to show (N); display, exhibition (N)
博物馆 bówùguǎn museum (N)
陶瓷 táocí pottery or ceramics (N)
摄影术 shèyǐngshù photography (N)


1. Find an image of a contemporary Chinese artwork (a photograph, painting, calligraphy, or sculpture) online (see links below) or in the library. Describe it to your classmates (in Chinese or English). Explain what you see, what materials are used, and why you like (or dislike) this piece of art.
2. Find out if any local museums are having, going to have, or have recently had, exhibitions by Chinese artists, or about Chinese art. Try to go there with your class; it will be a lot of fun! If there are no museums or exhibitions, you can make your own in-class exhibition using the images you found in activity 1!

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