FAN Hong, WU Ping and XIONG Huan

China is determined to be the top recipient of gold medals at the Beijing Olympics.

The Chinese shone at the twenty-eighth Olympic Games in Athens: 407 Chinese competed in 203 events and won 32 gold, 17 silver, and 14 bronze medals. With 63 medals in total, China came third in the medal rankings after the United States and Russia; the Chinese beat Russia in terms of gold medals received and came in second to the United States. Furthermore, Chinese athletes established six new world records and beat Olympic records twenty-one times. Yuan Weimin, the executive president of the organizing committee for the Beijing Olympics, remarked that China had become (with the United States and Russia) one of the three superpowers in the Summer Olympics. The moment the Athens Olympics ended, the world media turned its attention to Beijing, where the next Olympics will take place and where the whole world will eagerly watch the next gold – medal confrontation between China and the United States.

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