Guanxi 关系: The China Letter is a journal written for a global business and education audience interested in better understanding China. Each issue contains several articles focused on a specific theme, such as education, health care, manufacturing, sports, leadership, travel, and the environment. The articles are written in a clear and engaging style by expert China hands—business leaders, educators, historians, economists, and anthropologists—for general readers and students. We will publish one issue of Guanxi on ChinaConnectU each week. You can find the tables of content below, and to access an article simply click the title and you are ready to start reading and learning more about China!

Volume 1, issue 1: The China Threat?

Volume 1, issue 2: The Rise and Rise of Chinese Education

Volume 1, issue 3: Beijing 2008: How China Will Change the Olympics

Volume 1, issue 15: Olympic Update