China Connect University (ChinaConnectU) provides short online courses for professional people and educators who want to enhance their cross-cultural skills and international knowledge, along with a full China library. ChinaConnectU‘s expertise comes from Berkshire Publishing Group and its hundreds of academic authors, as well as from teachers and practitioners working in China and around the world.

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What people say about our seminars:
“Thank you for the wonderful opportunity… [The Chinese Teacher Exchange Program seminar] confirmed some of my expectations, corrected some beliefs, and built a lot of excitement for my June one-month-long trip to Jinhua, Zhejiang schools.”– Jitka Nelson
Copyright for Authors was really practical, useful, and well delivered.” Evandro C. Santos, Jackson State University.

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Each course lasts for four weeks and includes two lessons and assignments per week. Content comes from Berkshire China experts and guest lecturers, and includes selected reading assignments, quizzes, videos with discussion worksheets, and an online class forum.

  1. Fundamentals of Chinese History and Culture

A quick but thorough survey designed for 21st-century educational professionals who have never taken a course on China or studied Mandarin Chinese. Fundamentals of Chinese History and Culture is designed for anyone who helps students prepare for college, careers, and the 21st-century workplace, and will ensure that administrators, department heads, and teachers have a basic understanding of Chinese history and culture. Anyone who works with Chinese students, or who is responsible for Mandarin instruction will benefit from this course.

  1. China 101

A quick but thorough look at 5,000 years of Chinese history and the key events, philosophies, and concepts that shape the China we know today. Basic “China literacy” is essential today and opens a window to China’s fascinating past, and provides context that will make today’s political and economic challenges easier to think and talk about. China 101 is designed for 21st-century business people and other professionals who have never taken a course on China or studied Mandarin Chinese.

  1. Chinese Governance

The People’s Republic of China has a government structure that confuses even expert commentators. This short survey course explains the basics of leadership in China, the major divisions of government, and the relationship between regional and central government, and entities like Hong Kong (a Special Administrative Region) and Tibet (an Autonomous Region). The course also introduces major figures in the current political world. Chinese Governance is valuable for those interested in world affairs as well as for anyone doing business in China.

  1. Education in China

China’s higher-education system is now the largest in the world, and over 300,000 Chinese students are studying in the United States. Educators and administrators need to understand the background of students they work with, and where there are new opportunities for collaboration. Education in China explains historical traditions such as the imperial examination system as well as the structure of Chinese education today, and looks at social and cultural issues affecting education in China and Chinese students abroad.

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