There is time for work, and then there is time for play! But who said that learning or teaching cannot be fun at the same time?! At the activity center you will find a wide variety of activities, materials, and resources for use in the classroom, after school, during corporate retreats, or at home.

If you have some fun materials you would like to share with the ChinaConnectU community, please send us an email!

Chinese Food and Recipes
What does a regular Chinese meal look like? Are fortune cookies really Chinese? And how do you actually prepare an authentic Chinese dish? You can find all that and more, here at the food center. Browse our, and hopefully your, favorite Chinese recipes, glossaries of cooking terms and techniques, food-related vocabulary, and reviews of Chinese cookbooks and food-related publications.
Coloring Pages
These beautiful embroidery patterns are perfect to be used as coloring pages!
Coloring Page
Posters & Maps
These posters and maps are not only pretty, but also educational! Practice your knowledge of the geography of China with these (print-friendly) maps, or brighten up your classroom with these colorful posters!