To taste Chinese food is to experience a little bit of China. The more authentic, the better, but at ChinaConnectU we’re not purists. Like Ken Hom and other famous Chinese chefs in the West, we recognize that ingredients and kitchens vary from one country to another, and that dishes are altered (and sometimes, like chop suey, invented) to suit the palates of a new clientele. Bring on the fortune cookies! We have a Chinese friend that takes them home to his family when he visits China as a funny, foreign gift.

The recipes we share here vary, too. Most are simple enough to cook with a family or a small group of students. You’ll generally find a personal note from the ChinaConnectU editor who has contributed the recipe, and we often add photographs of the dishes or office cooking parties. Please do make use of these recipes and contribute your own favorites, drawn from well-thumbed cookbooks (please provide the source details) or family notes. Photographs are welcome. If you have favorite food blogs, or write a food blog yourself, we’d love to hear about them too! Email us today!

Our recipes are always carefully reviewed and tested before we share them with you, so don’t be afraid and dig in!
(Cook)Book and Food Reviews
There are a lot of Chinese cookbooks, books about Chinese food, and other culinary publications out there. We are reviewing the best, most useful, and popular ones for you right here.
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